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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pokemon Black and White Review

My Experience
So I got the newest Pokemon game last week, only just getting round to writing a review. As a member of the KKK I bought the white version of the game ( I kid ).  A lot of people know that the Pokemon games have been becoming repetitive for awhile, nothing much seemed to change other than the quality of colour in the game alongside a new generation of Pokemon. However this is not the case with Nintendo's newest release as many features have been added and altered. 

The over all visual aspect of the game has been greatly improved in comparison to games such as fire red and leaf green. Whilst keeping the cute pixel look all Pokemon games have had Nintendo have included a 3D environment to explore although this is not your everyday take on the term "3D" I believe the look of the game has come out beautifully with the rich colours and detailed surroundings.

Graphics change isn't the only thing making Pokemon white and black different from it's predecessors, 3 on 3 battling has been added to the game, it works in the same way that double battles did for ruby/sapphire but with... well.... 3 Pokemon? Next is the passing by feature, this will let trainers connect with passers by to battle or even help each other out, giving the game a sense of real life trainers around you and encourages trainers to play outside the home.

Now for the Pokemon themselves... In my opinion some of them looks great (Zebstrika), however an odd few... "special" Pokemon seem to have been designed by a potato with a crayon *cough*Woobat*cough*.

                                 Woobat                                         Zebstrika

Like all Pokemon games the key difference between the two versions is simply the Pokemon you can catch, each version has it's own "limited" Pokemon which aren't available on the other version. ( This including the final legendary Pokemon displayed on the case)
Some trading may be needed to fulfill your Pokedex.

Over all it's a great game, the game play hasn't changed too much to detour it away from being classed as a Pokemon game and the improvements seem to be for the best. Currently having a lot of fun with this and I would DEFINITELY suggest getting your hands on a copy. 

Don't just take my word for it.

The Facts
1)The games main city is designed around New York city, a first for a Pokemon game as all others have been based upon Japanese regions.
2) Certain rules about the game have been reformulated.
3) Over 150 new Pokemon have been added to the game.
4) Contains the new Pokemon from Generation V

Looks: 9/10
Game play 8/10
Over all 8.5/10

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