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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ray William Johnson

My Experience
You either love him or you hate him....
So today I'm going to be writing a little about a 23 year old YouTube comedian called ... well... Ray William Johnson. Ray is a New Yorker with a strong passion for internet comedy, often bouncing his jokes off of up and coming viral videos. (something he will never run short of). His main channel names =3 (equals three) is where he uploads most of his videos, always three reviews on three different viral videos, with a few jokes thrown here and there. 

However Ray recently started a new channel with a comedy group called "Your Favourite Martian" where the group upload music videos with comedic styled lyrics, this instantly became a big hit and is now gaining more views than equals three, something Ray would have never thought possible

Personally I'm on a par with equals three at the moment, I laugh more at the viral videos and not so much at Ray himself, tho he does have his moments where I will be in stitches. Equals three is a channel everyone should check out for themselves as opinions will surely vary......

Don't just take my word for it.

The Facts
Ray William Johnson is currently the 2nd most subscribed youtuber of all time.
His channel has currently has 228,754,992 views
Over 3million people have subscribed to Ray's channel.

Humour 9/10
Originality 3/10
Over all 6.5/10

<3 Take care


  1. i never realized how popular he is
    i had seen one of his videos a while back but never knew. Thanks for the info!

  2. I've seen videos with that =3 logo, but I've never heard of this channel. thanks for the funny video!

  3. I don't like him but I respect your opinion on him.

  4. UGh, I absolutely hate that guy...
    followed anyway, atleast you was very contructive and this blog seems very interesting :)